Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interview with Captain Chase Hunter

In recent weeks we have visited with several of the members of Enigma, a top secret homeland security group.  They work outside the law if necessary in order for our country to remain a safe place to live. Today Captain Hunter took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his work. Welcome, Captain Hunter. We tried to start this interview several weeks ago and you were called away. Let’s begin by talking about your job. Just what does it entail?

I’m a professor at the University of Sacramento Science and Technology. Besides teaching renaissance literature, I teach several of the romance languages. Several of my classes are now offered on-line.

Interesting, but I was actually referring to your job at Enigma. What is your responsibility there?

I expose threats to national security then terminate them. Sometimes that means working in the U.S. other times we have to travel.

When you say “we” are you referring to Samantha Cordova, Carter Johnson and Nickolas Zoric?

Yes. You forgot to mention Vernon Kemp. He’s our technical support team member. He’s the smartest guy I know. I think he could run the Space Station on his own brain power. There are a few others that work behind the scenes like our librarian Claudia, and Dr. Wu who makes sure we’re fit for duty. All of us have specialties that brings assurance s the job gets completed. I lead the team into difficult situations knowing everyone will do whatever it takes to reach our goal.

It’s curious you never mentioned Tessa Scott. It’s my understanding she worked for you a year ago and may again in the future. What role does she play? Is it true you two have a complicated relationship? Can you elaborate?

Nothing curious about it. Sometimes civilians are asked to participate in our mission. Tessa, I mean Mrs. Scott accidentally got snared into a very dangerous situation. She showed remarkable courage under fire. With her help Enigma saw resolution to a potentially disastrous terrorist attack on American soil. Her tenacity and common sense forced all of us to take a second look at hidden clues. Whether or not she continues on at Enigma is out of my hands. I would make her part of my team in a heartbeat. The only complicated part of our relationship is…Well you know that really isn’t any of your business. That’s between Tess and myself.

If she were to sign on with Enigma what would be her role?

Probably since her main focus is geography, cultures and their human environmental interactions I’m guessing she’d be an advisor. Again. It’s out of my hands.

I know that Benjamin Clark is related to the Prime Minister of Israel. Has that ever been a problem for the president?

Ben’s allegiance to the United States and our president has never been called into question. He loves this country and will protect it no matter who his brother is. I’ve followed him into battle, taken his advice and carried out his orders too long to ever second guess his patriotism. He’s one of the greatest men I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

How long before you leave again on another mission?

Not long. The president has called Enigma to Washington D.C. about an urgent matter concerning hearings on the USS Liberty that Israel tried to sink in 1967. The Israeli delegation is attending and we’ve received some Intel of a possible attack.

That is terrifying. Isn’t there a hurricane moving that way as well? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Who will be going with you? And why are you smiling?

Because you ask a lot of questions just like Tessa. I mean Mrs. Scott. You hardly wait for an answer before another idea pops into your head. I like that. Anyway back to your questions. It could get complicated with a hurricane thrown into the mix. The important thing is to protect the president from any attempt on his life or hearings concerning the USS Liberty. That’s why I’m taking the whole team. Ben is already on his way. I wouldn’t worry too much. We do this kind of thing all the time and it never makes the news.

When you say it that way I do feel rather comforted.

I’m glad. Any chance you can have dinner with me tonight before I fly out in the morning? I think we’d have other things to talk about besides national security.

Well that wraps it up this week. Be sure to keep up on the events in Washington the next week or so. Okay, Captain Hunter. I’m all yours.

I was hoping you’d say that.

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