Monday, September 9, 2013

Small Bites Never Filled Me Up

This is but a snippet of my novel An Unlikely Hero. Robert is the heroine's husband. Each believe the other is on a relaxing retreat. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm hoping that this small bite will leave you hungry for more.

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Chapter 17
            Robert Scott felt that terror grow in the pit of his stomach like a cancer eating him alive.  His eyes narrowed as he shaded them against the morning sun all the while scanning the horizon for his sons.  Gently he lowered Heather to the ground. He swallowed so hard one of the Missouri parents asked if there was something wrong.  Although he tried to sound nonchalant, Robert’s heart beat rapidly as he explained that his boys had disappeared.  Leaving Heather in the capable hands of the Missouri mom, several of the visitors volunteered to help him which he gladly accepted.  Even the singing cowboy mounted his horse and joined in the search.  Each chose a different area to begin and several were given walkie talkies the cook carried on his chuck wagon for emergencies.  They all had cell phones and quickly took Robert’s number.  The cook, Bill, said he’d ring the dinner bell for everyone to return if the boys were located or came wandering into camp.
            Robert quickly reached the tree line, pushing through until the forest opened up into another meadow.  Stopping to catch his breath, he could hear the other visitors calling out the boys’ names in the distance.  He now was living a nightmare that could very well destroy his life.  In his heart he prayed so hard for his boys to be safe that he nearly missed seeing two small figures wave at him from some one hundred yards away.  With his pounding heart in his throat he could do nothing but wave back at his sons in large circular motions until he saw something black raise up behind them.
        “Dear, God!  No!” he choked seeing the black bear sniff the air.  Two small bears tried to stand with their mother.  “Boys!  Don’t move!”

        Robert pointed behind them and they turned to see the large bear nearby.  Instinctively, the boys began to back away, holding to each other like a life line.  Later, Robert thought he had heard Daniel cry out, but couldn’t be sure as the mother bear let out a growl that made his skin crawl.  The boys panicked and began to run toward their father who screamed for them to stop.  Sean Patrick tripped and fell, causing his little brother to fall over his sprawled body.  The bear began running toward them, swinging her head and crunching sticks, and leaves beneath her feet.


  1. I think it is a great book. Now we need to let everyone else know.

  2. Thank you, Susan. I appreciate your vote of confidence.

  3. Wow, way to leave us in a suspenseful moment. Good job!

  4. Ack! That's going to give me mommy nightmares. Great suspense!

  5. I do not like where this is going, which means you know how to set a mood. I really hope the bear doesn't eat them.

  6. Nice cliffhanger! I hope a plot twist is coming that saves the boys.

  7. My heart was beating heavy! Great moment to share with us. It will definitely prompt interest.