Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Christmas

One of the things an author often does is share bits and pieces of their life. Christmas is one of those magical times, begging to invade the spaces of all our friends, fans and curious onlookers. Usually I start writing like crazy in my holiday journal to record about the last few days; what worked and what didn't.         

The children piled in on Christmas Eve. We are up to eleven family members now. John and his wife have three children. Meghan and her husband now have two, plus their dog that always joins us. This year we were in Oklahoma on the pond. A lunch of pizza and toasted ravioli gave the kids enough energy to romp and play until they were allowed to open presents.    

Everyone enjoys attending the candlelight service at a local church. Even the children get in the spirit of belting our Christmas carols. The baby of the family, just six months old, couldn't stop smiling and bouncing in my arms. Bliss!

The moon hanging in the sky was but a sliver on Christmas Eve. My son-in-law took his son out to the pond to look up into the heavens. The sound of their voices resembled sweet music of the young and innocent. My heart filled with love. The hustle and bustle continued inside my kitchen as my daughter-in-law finished setting the table.

With the blessing said we sat down to a meal of fried chicken, Texas potatoes, green bean casserole, fruit salad, carrots and rolls. I burned the rolls, which was a big negative but at least the geese on the pond enjoyed them. Cookies for dessert and coffee for those who wanted it came last.  My daughter needed to feed the baby so she got a late start on her dinner. Everyone pitched in to clean up.

Adults get to open their gifts in the evening. The kids hover around each person opening a gift so they can snatch the paper and fill my office with the debris. Between stomping through the mess, diving into the mounds of red and green, the oldest child decides to wrap the other children then march them to their parents to unwrap. Not only was it hilarious, but very sweet and precious.  It was one of my favorite parts.
Christmas Day meant Santa under the tree, checking out stuffed stockings and a big breakfast of French Toast Casserole. With eggs, bacon and fruit, once again we were stuffed. The group ended up playing games until late afternoon. Snacks followed. Finally it was time for children to pack up and head to their spouses’ families. 

It was a wonderful Christmas. I’m tired. I’m blessed. I’m going to bed!

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