Sunday, May 31, 2015

HearStrong Champion to Country Music - It's Speed Dating for Readers #7

Most of us take our hearing for granted. That’s not possible with one of our authors today. Another one not only writes but is involved in the Country Music Industry. Then again you can’t go wrong with an X-Ray Technician or a publisher who is also a barber. Curious? Then let’s get started with one of my favorite and inspirational people.

Jenn Gibson
I’m frequently asked “How do you do it? Especially for someone like you?” What’s different about me is that I have a severe to profound hearing loss, I was born this way. I don’t consider myself as a “special person”. It just means that I have to work harder to achieve my goals and really push myself to do the best I can under difficult circumstances.

With my disability, my life is not easy and there have been many times when I wanted to give up. I’m always pushing my limits to become a stronger and more confident person, to be proud of my own accomplishments. I was recently named a HearStrong Champion, for the young adult trilogy series that I wrote about a teen with hearing loss which was based on life, featuring my own experiences ( This was a delightful surprise, and a sign that I did the right thing writing about a young adolescent struggling with being hearing impaired.

Jenn Gibson
All three novels in the series have won numerous literary awards and are currently available around the world in many bookstores along with two anthologies featuring my short stories. I love writing and I’m thrilled that many other people enjoy reading my work. In addition to being an author, I’m also a professional book cover designer, illustrator and photographer. At night, I’m a fencer in Foil and Sabre. I’m an adoptive mom of three fur-kitties named Belladonna, Molotov and Madelaine who had made an appearance in my books.

 Susan Keene 

Product DetailsSusan Keene
I am a lifetime learner who loves to research. People comment about my command of obscure facts. So far the only advantage this has given me is that I am great at trivia.  I went into the medical field right out of high school, but it was only because I earned a full paid scholarship to X-Ray Technology School. My dad didn’t believe in sending girls to college.  I love spending time with my friends and family, digging for treasure with my metal detector and reading and writing. I am so liberal, I even buy my theater tickets left of center.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Angela Drake 
Product DetailsAngela DrakeHi Everyone! I’m Angela Drake. I write what strikes me. My first book, Somewhere Down the Line, is a contemporary romance (with a 3 flame heat level) which came out in June 2014. The story spotlights some of my favorite people in the world- songwriters. In real life I network with songwriters and musicians every day. I love what I do so it’s not really a job, is it? Music and writing are two of my many passions so bringing them together in my characters, Trey Morrison and Alana Cozins seemed the perfect match. Trey and Alana have kept the embers of an unconsummated love burning for twenty-five years. You can imagine the flames that ignite when they are finally together. Better yet, I hope you’ll read their story, which takes place between Austin (the music capital of Texas) and the shores of romantic Galveston. Honest reviews are always appreciated.

Sharon Kizziah-Holmes

Product DetailsSharon Kizziah-HolmesSharon Kizziah-Holmes is a retired road musician. She and her husband made their living playing for several years before settling in the beautiful Ozarks. She started writing songs at the age of 14 and has been writing novels and short stories since 1992. She is a member of numerous local writing groups including Springfield Writers' Guild, Ozarsks Romance Authors, Sleuths' Ink Mystery Writers and Ozarks Writers' League. Her latest book, The Will and the Wisp, is a historical fiction mainstream novel based on a true story. She owns her own indie-assist publishing company, Paperback-Press, and loves helping others hone their writing skills. However, music still plays a big part in her life. Her husband and she owns a boutique recording studio called The Recording Shop. Audio books are one of their favorite things to record. And if that isn’t enough she is a barber

Publishing Coordinator, Editor, Contributor

I've been posting this series twice a week. From now on it will be only once a week so that I can go back to offering tips on writing, ideas and experiences we all share as writers, authors and humans.  

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