Monday, May 18, 2015

Speed Dating for Readers #3 Coast to Coast

This is the third installment of Speed Dating for Readers. Once again you will read about some very clever authors. All of them have a very unique way of writing. What is so amazing is the journey that took them to the world of being a published author. Travel from coast to coast this week to meet your next favorite author. Please leave a comment to encourage these hard working authors.

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B.K. Stevens
B.K. StevensReaders of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine know B.K. (Bonnie) Stevens as the author of over thirty witty, fast-paced whodunits. Some of B.K.’s stories have been nominated for awards such as the Agatha, the Macavity, and the Derringer. Her first novel, Interpretation of Murder, centers on American Sign Language interpreter Jane Ciardi, who accepts a part-time job from a Cleveland private detective and soon finds herself facing tough romantic choices, ethical dilemmas, and dangers that put her martial arts skills to the test. Jane must sort through secrets and lies as she tries to help a deaf African-American teenager—and to uncover the truth behind two murders.  B.K. and her husband live in Virginia and have two grown daughters.   

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Monica Stoner
Product DetailsMona Karel is the writing alter ego of Monica Stoner...yeah, me. I was sure I’d spend my life working with horses and dogs, until the lure of a regular paycheck pulled me away from flea baths and cleaning stalls. Not to mention meeting the man I would eventually marry. My peripatetic existence became as nearly normal as one can live with a houseful of Salukis, mutual readers, an artist, and a writer, in Southern California. We eventually took our act on the road to retire on the high plains of New Mexico. My books come from some strange place inside me. My Killer My Love sprang to life as I did battle with the slugs (a constant garden problem in CA); Teach Me To Forget came about after laying with my husband in the overhead of a small motor home. A Question of Honor goes way back to a discussion about a man who moved like a fighter. I tend to write about non gorgeous people who sometimes have to dig deep to overcome their fears.

Che Gilson

 Che Gilson  Dark Moon Diary #2 (Dark Moon Diary: 2)  An image posted by the author. Product Details

 Artist and author Che Gilson is a fan of all things fantasy, horror, manga, and everything cute. She considers herself a bird person and loves all things avian. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, collecting Asian ball jointed dolls, and reviewing horror movies on She has one urban fantasy novel out now called Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight, an action filled romp about werewolf gangs in Los Angeles. Up next is her contemporary fantasy Tea Times Three, all about tea, witches, small towns, and yummy food (most of which Che can't eat). My WordPress and my Twitter @CheGilson and my book link

Marissa Bauder

Marissa BauderProduct Details
Hello all! I'm Marissa Bauder. By day I'm a cosmetologist, by night I write YA paranormal fiction novels, and I'm a mom of two human babies and two fur babies all of the time. When I have free time, I enjoy sipping cocktails and singing karaoke. My debut novel The Diseased is about a sixteen year old girl named Sable Mosley who can start fires using only her mind. She meets other Diseased like her and has to outrun a secret government agency. The sequel novel The Catalyst is coming soon! Visit my website ( to check out my work or my brand new blog ( to see my random musings about life.

Cathrina Constantine
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Cathrina ConstantineI love to read all genres, but I write mainly young adult books that crossover into adult. My Wickedly Series is filled with Angels and Demons and a Snarky Teenager. Think of it as The Gilmore Girls morphing into Sam & Dean Winchester of Supernatural. My book TALLAS, is a dystopian thriller and it's all about a family trying to survive amid a mutated planet. My latest, Don't Forget to Breathe is my first mystery with a hint of ghosts. I began writing at a young age and pushed it aside to party as a teenager, then raise 5 children. As you've read, I've been honing my craft, and although I have 4 books published with a 5th on the way, I still feel like a newbie with much to learn. Amazon Author's Page: 
Twitter: @cathconstantine

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I am always excited to share with you my latest project. It’s called Winds of Deception. This is Volume II of the Enigma Series, An Unlikely Hero being Volume I. The release date is June 8 because of a very special year in which the story begins. You might be surprised to find out I based this story on a true event that took place in 1967. The only surviving Marine that day was my door to a terrific story. I hope you pre-order this book and join me with celebrating all things Enigma.

Other books by Tierney James

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  1. I love these posts, Tierney. What a great idea. So nice to meet some of the authors I've read over the years.

  2. I love these posts, Tierney. What a great idea. So nice to meet some of the authors I've read over the years.

    1. Thanks for keep coming back. There are quite a number of authors now wanting on the site. Let's keep up the good mojo.