Saturday, June 6, 2015

Honor the USS Liberty vs. Winds of Deception

On June 8, 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked during the Six Day War between Israel and Egypt. That was 48 years ago. Why should we care? The most important reason is that 34 Americans died and another 174 were wounded. Our research vessel, flying the American flag came under fire by the nation of Israel. In spite of their claims of being unaware of the ship’s origin, the facts say something different. The disturbing information that the White House helped cover up the attack remains a conspiracy featured on The History Channel. Over the coming weeks I’ll share with you some facts that might surprise you.

I met the only surviving Marine on the USS Liberty, Bryce Lockwood, several years ago when I spotted his banner promptly displayed on his fence that ran along a highway I often traveled. It said, “Remember the USS Liberty…” I was intrigued. Our first phone conversation forced me to plunge into researching the event. This led me to writing the novel Winds of Deception. Although the book is a creation of my warped imagination the actual attack on the Liberty really happened. I hope when you read this story you’ll also look up the many documentaries, books and information links that continue to try and get the U.S. Congress to open an investigation with meaningful dialogue.
Product DetailsWinds of Deception is part of the Enigma Series I began with An Unlikely Hero. Here is a little taste.

Tessa Scott believes her encounter with Ex-Delta Force Captain Chase Hunter, a year earlier, can finally remain in the past. After she arrives in Washington D.C., Enigma enlists her help when they uncover a plot to assassinate both President Austin and the Prime Minister of Israel. To complicate an already volatile situation a hurricane moves toward the nation’s capital creating the perfect opportunity to stage an attack.


  1. I have read accounts of the USS Liberty and thus know what you're saying. It appears the government kept it under wraps because Israel is our ally. Of course, what kind of ally is gong to attack an unarmed ship?

  2. You are so right, Chuck. The part that is really sad is that our government covered it up not Israel. I hope you'll let people know about this post. Thanks for stopping by.