Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jealous Special Agent or Sexy Trouble Maker -

most beautiful woman on earth for sure! Does she belong in An Unlikely Hero? Think Samantha Cordova with a gun.Today we have the privilege of talking with Dr. Samantha Cordova. She has her Ph.D. in economics and teaches at a Sacramento university. But as you know she also works for Enigma, a secretive group connected loosely to Homeland Security. *The pictures you see here are only impressions of the people I interview at Enigma.  Their real identities remain a secret. 

Welcome Dr. Cordova. It’s a pleasure to have you here today. I’ll have to say you look more like a Victoria Secret model than a lethal weapon for Enigma. Which do you prefer, the classroom or field work?

Please call me Sam. Thank you for the compliment. I teach only for my cover.  My real love is working in the field with Enigma. I crave the action.

The reigning champion of the World Wrestling Federation, all 6-foot-3, 270 would be an awesome Captain Hunter. Although Dwayne is just a little bigger I think he'll do.I understand your other real love is Captain Chase Hunter. What’s going on between you two?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to but it’s true there are a few sparks between us. He’s very reserved about his true feelings concerning me. I respect that. He doesn’t like complications when we’re working. I’m willing to wait.

Recently I spoke to Tessa Scott. She worked with you on something concerning national security. I got the impression there may be some friction between you two. Care to elaborate?

I don’t like having untrained people complicating the work we do at Enigma. She waltzed in with that cherub face and “ah shucks” attitude and everyone just falls all over themselves trying to protect her from harm. She wasn’t all that innocent or helpful in my opinion. Tessa Scott nearly got us killed. When you look up “menace” in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of her!

From talking to your captain it sounded as if he disagrees with that assessment. Care to comment?

He’s a sucker for blue eyes. She was a diversion. It meant nothing. Why would he think twice about her when he could have me? I mean, think about it. He was only being polite when you talked to him. Trust me.

There’s been some talk about having Tessa Scott join Enigma. Her knowledge of geography could be beneficial in some cases. She does offer a kind of common sense that many of you with extremely high IQs may lack. Is there a chance that might happen?

Over my dead body.     

You appear to work well with Carter Johnson. He’s an unapologetic playboy. Does that ever get in the way when the two of you are working together?

Mark Valley is so sexy! He would make a great astronaut in An Unlikely Hero. Can you see it?Carter is brilliant and a risk taken. I count on that. He’s fearless when things get dicey. I know he’s got my back and I have his. When he starts all that Romeo crap I shut him down. It’s annoying and he knows I hate it. I think he does it to make my temper flare. On the other hand he thinks someday I’ll fall for all that boring dribble that comes out of his mouth. Fat chance.

On the isotope mission another agent Vernon Kemp worked closely with you. He seems so young to be working in such a high profile arena.  Is he capable of such dangerous and life threatening scenarios?

I love that kid. He is the sweetest man I know. There’s not one thing fake or insincere about him. Although he’s tongue tied most of the time when I’m around I find his company rather comforting. His shyness endeared him to me. Then Betty Crocker, I mean Tessa Scott ruined him. The two of them just became the best of buddies. You’d think they’d served together in Kandahar the way they joked and compared stories about our mission. Made me want to puke. But to answer your question Vernon is a dangerous man when you stick a computer in front of him. He’ll probably rule the world someday.

What would you like our readers to know about you?

I really don’t want the viewers to know anything about me. My job is to live in the shadows and do the work that someone else finds distasteful. If that means shooting someone in the head or taking a bullet for the president I’ll be the one you can count on. I don’t need your recognition. I’m talented in ways I can’t discuss. I guess you better ask the captain on my special gifts.

Thank you, Sam for your candid interview with us. I look forward to reading more about you in the Enigma files if they ever become available. Next time join me for a chat with Benjamin Clark, director of Enigma. He has some interesting views on the world, Tessa Scott, Sam and the others working for him.  

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