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Ghosts Heroes CIA Kisses & A Killer

Speed Dating for Readers #9

R. A. SloneI can't believe it is almost August. Have you read any good books this summer? My joy of reading is going to get me into debt. Let me introduce you to some new authors and a couple of old friends with something new. From ghosts to a spunky kiddo and a new detective novel with Cuba as a timely topic. Then who doesn't like a guy who walks like a predator and turns out making you sigh. And then we have a killer the FBI tracks across the country. Wow. That is a lot of reading. 

R.A. Slone
Meet young adult and middle grade horror/paranormal under the pen name R. A. Slone. I live in Indiana with my husband and two cats, and I enjoy reading, writing, and watching movies. I'm an animal lover and rescued a cat last winter, Little Honey. Music is also a love of mine along with coffee and chocolate--preferably together--in a nice warm cafĂ© mocha.My YA Horror Ghost in the Blue Dress was just released from Black Opal Books. I must add that it's not your typical ghost story! If you wish to connect, please check out my website at

Blurb: Fifteen-year-old Jenna Moores is struggling with her father’s recent death. Not long after his passing, a ghost from her childhood returns. When she was young, Jenna’s father convinced her that the ghost was just her imagination and that he would always protect her. But now he’s gone, the ghost is back, and Jenna knows she’s not imagining it. As the entity grows stronger, its threats move from alienating Jenna from her friends and family to killing her. Alone and afraid, she must find and destroy the link that holds the spirit to this world…before Jenna, too, becomes a ghost.

Meghan Fanning
This Oklahoma mom is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with children of all ages.  The inspiration for her debut children’s book, Mrs. Kisses, came while working with preschoolers through Head Start.  Meghan’s book helps children and parents alike find creative ways to handle some of the most common challenges of childhood. 
Product Details
Blurb: Abigail is an ordinary little girl, who struggles with all the same things most children do, like eating her vegetables and going to bed.  But when Abigail puts on her mom's high heels and bright red lipstick, she becomes Mrs. Kisses.  Mrs. Kisses knows just how to handle every challenge Abigail faces.  Join Mrs. Kisses as she learns to manage her fears and frustrations with spunk and creativity.

Jerry Otis   

Jerry OtisProduct Details
Jerry Otis is a SAG Actor who turned to writing about a half dozen years ago. The entire publishing process has taught him one thing, “Never give up.” Even after getting over 40 rejection letters from other literary agencies or editors, he continued to forge ahead. He’s found out that if you have a good story, a literary agency, or editor out there somewhere will recognize your manuscript for what it is and decide to sign you.

Otis lives in northern California in the rural town of Pollock Pines. Although he’s now going to be a newly published author with Black Opal Books, it’s something that in his earlier years he would have never dreamed of becoming, considering the crappy grades he received in English classes, from elementary all the way up through high school. It wasn’t until he got into college that he found out he liked to write, and it was at that point in time he realized it’s not just the grammar that’s important, it’s the story telling. Remember this, “Without a good story, you have nothing but a bunch of rambling, mumbo jumbo, so not matter what kind of degree you have in Literature/English etc., that degree will get you nowhere unless you’re a good story teller. Grammar can be corrected, but story telling can’t be faked.” His Novel The Gaf Killer-Son of Zodiac will be released summer of 2015.

A serial killer, calling himself The Gaf, starts an interstate killing spree that quickly propels him to the top of the FBI’s most wanted list. Special Agent David Drake and his hand-picked team of agents drop everything and form a taskforce with one purpose—to track down this psychopath and bring him to justice. Crisscrossing the country from one crime scene to the next, Drake and his team can only hope the killer gets careless and makes a mistake. But this killer is no novice. His father, serial killer The Zodiac from the late 1960s and early ’70s, has taught him well and the taskforce has its hands full. How many more innocent victims must die before Drake and his team can track down this monster and stop the carnage?
  Excerpt, first few pages of “THE GAF KILLER-SON OF ZODIAC”

John Hegenberger

Product DetailsLike my previous book, CROSS EXAMINATIONS, the setting is Columbus, Ohio in 1988. However, TRIPL3 CROSS is a novel, rather than a series of short stories.  So the longer form allows more character development, meaning that we get to spend time inside the main character’s mind as he struggles with his anger, abandonment, and doubt.
Product DetailsAt the same time, the fact that this middle-aged Middle American character becomes propelled into CIA intrigue, discovering an impending threat to world peace, increases the tension and ups the ante, telling the reader that adventure is everywhere.
I like telling this story now, when there’s renewed interest in relations with Cuba, because that island was a near, dark country for years in American history; so close, yet so distant.

When Eliot finds out the truth about his father, he gains knowledge he always wanted—but at a jaw-dropping cost.  There’s always a lot of hidden baggage and background to every character.  I guess that’s true for us all, as well.


John Hegenberger
Cuba, 1988.  What fresh hell happened there while our backs were turned?  Small-town P.I. Eliot Cross is searching for his long-lost father.  Then, a CIA informant says that Dad has been in deep cover for over twenty years.  Now, the informant's been murdered and Eliot is on the run.
Scrambling to clear his name, Eliot journeys from Washington D.C. to Havana, Cuba, struggling against deadly drug-runners, syndicate hit-men and his own violent nature.  But the worst is yet to come, as Eliot discovers his father is at the center of an international conspiracy, a nuclear threat and a double cross... or is that a triple cross?
Veteran author John Hegenberger spins a yarn that is both an exciting thriller and a compelling piece of nostalgia, expertly recreating a sense of late-Eighties paranoia and double-dealing and painting a vivid picture of Washington and Cuba during that era, as well as saving a shocking twist for the very end.  TRIPL3CROSS is pure reading entertainment.

Rough Edges Press
ISBN  9781515028604

Monica Stoner

Inspiration for my favorite subject. I could talk all night! But Tierney wants this in hand so she can set up her blog. So I’ll just talk about A Question of Honor, which opens at the Long Beach California airport. For all that it’s a major airport in the middle of Los Angeles County, it’s not very big. Expansion is limited by Long Beach itself, so the airport more closely resembles one for a small college town. Where else do you walk out of the terminal, turn left, and pick up your suitcases on an outside carousel?

The first line is: “She knew that walk.” Sydney recognizes Devin from the way he carries himself, as though ready at all times to defend himself and those around him. This inspiration goes back much further, to when I was a Denny’s waitress in Sacramento. One of my regular counter customers mentioned the man I was dating moved like a fighter. I’d worked with horses for years and by this time dogs as well, and had learned to evaluate movement.
I agreed with the customer, though I never asked the boyfriend. He gave me so many stories, who could tell for sure which ones were true. He bailed of course, leaving me with some so-so memories. And a bit of book inspiration.
Displaying FD and Me.jpgA QUESTION OF HONOR
She knew that walk. With a slight hesitation in one leg, he prowled like a wounded predator, conditioned to succeed against the most dangerous game of all. Even limping, his reactions would be instantaneous, his balance superior. By itself, his body would be a weapon. He'd be the best man to have on your side in a battle. After the battle, he'd unwind with a drink and a woman. The drink would be strong and straight. The woman would be bosomy and not too bright. He'd very likely spend more time with the drink than the woman.

Oh, what fun ahead for Sydney and Devin. A Question of Honor is available at all major buys. If you have a moment, drop by the website; the blog talks about all the many things going on in my life these days, including some scrumptious low carb recipes. http://mona‑

The Last Word - By Tierney James
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  3. It was my pleasure, Monica. It's getting some traffic already. Keep passing the word.

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