Monday, September 7, 2015

FREE Kindle Book-Romantic Thriller

Yes! I am Melanie. Or at least people thought I was in Grass Valley, California. Even the DMV interviewed me because they didn't believe I was someone else. So I got to wondering who she was and what she had gotten herself into that caused all this attention. And this author was born.

I once heard if your husband zoned out while you were talking or explaining something you deemed important all you had to do to reel them back in was to say, “And then it was free!” Since my husband holds tight to his money and likes a bargain more than most, I thought I’d give this a try. He is notorious for pretending to listen to me. So the next time I caught him nodding as I talked while he continued to look at his book, football game or Clash of Clans game, with great excitement, I chirped, “And then they said it was free!” He perked up immediately and started asking me questions. I’ve had to use that phrase a number of times. Works every time.

So I’m here to tell you about the first in the Enigma Series. It’s titled An Unlikely Hero. It is FREE this week for your Kindle. Tuesday-Thursday. It was my first published novel. Since that time I’ve written two that follows these characters through their mayhem and mishaps. Tessa Scott and Capt. Chase Hunter are my primary focus. However, in book three a new character surfaces that really got under my skin and into my heart. Poor Chase. He has some serious competition now. Join me for some fun!

Blurb: An Unlikely Hero
Tessa Scott is living the American dream - big house, successful husband, and three beautiful children. No one suspected a Libyan terrorist is at work nearby.  When Tessa sends her family on vacation after another fight with her husband, she expects a relaxing week of solitude. Instead she is confronted with a bomb in her backyard, and the terrorist group who are looking for it. Tessa survives only due to the entrance of Captain Chase Hunter, a man who seems just as dangerous as the terrorists.  Unsure who she can trust, Tessa is drawn into his secret world of terrorists and national security. Powerless to resist, Tessa is forced to survive the unthinkable, from confronting perilous brushes with death to becoming a sitting duck for men who are out to savage the world as we know it.

 Meanwhile, the self-possessed Captain Hunter finds that Tessa Scott is affecting him in a way he thought no woman could. The two are forced into a complicated partnership as they work together to unravel a terrorist plot that will affect thousands of people. The stakes are raised when Tessa discovers that her family is in danger from the same terrorists. Will Captain Hunter save them, or is he looking for Tessa to save him?

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Then who doesn't like pinterest right? My place has a number of boards about the characters and Enigma Series.  Of course there are some about decorating, Halloween and Christmas, books, and so on. Help yourself. 

In the next six months I will have two more books published. Rooftop Angels is #3 in the Enigma Series.  It's my favorite so far.   Then I'll have my first urban fantasy, Dance of the Devil's Trill. 

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