Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lipstick & Danger

Thanks for being so supportive the last few years. I've started a website where you can find many new things, as well as some of the old. Hop over to http://www.tierneyjames.com for some Lipstick and Danger and see what is going on in my world. I hope you'll sign up so we can get better acquainted. I will no longer maintain this sight and will soon take it down.

If you're a writer you'll enjoy the tips, tricks and joys of writing on my blog "Every day is a new page."  Maybe you are an avid reader! Then be sure to check out Speed Dating for Readers under The Scoop. I try to feature authors that might have written your next favorite book.

There is plenty to look at so do stop by! I'm still planning on having a lot of fun as you can see by these pictures.



  1. Your new site looks very professional. Love the list of favorite authors and your reading list.

  2. I run the Granite City HS Library. Marylin Crusciel recommended I contact you to see about adding some of your books to our Local Author Display.